New Yorkers react to Kavanaugh pick

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Luglio 12, 2018

When he says "I'll sue", he doesn't really mean anything by it.

Last week, NARAL and Planned Parenthood called on the Senate to demand a new "personal liberty standard" of forcing Supreme Court nominees to affirm the Roe v. Wade decision. Sen. "And I want the NY state law in place".

Hatch, the most senior Republican in the Senate who has participated in 15 confirmation battles, reiterated his argument that Democrats will try to paint Kavanaugh as someone he's not but that, in the end, he'll get a seat on the high court.

Woodruff followed up, "Can you guarantee Democrats, though, senator, that, if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, that Roe v. Wade would not be overturned?" In the New York Legislature, Democrats enjoy an overwhelming 104-41 Assembly majority, but a razor-thin 32-31 Senate majority (the Senate now has a Republican majority leader due to a power-sharing agreement between the Independent Democratic Conference and Senate Republicans). They're already pointing to their worry about Roe v. Wade, about whether it will be overturned.

But Murkowski said her mind is far from made up; she doesn't expect Kavanaugh to speak overtly on Roe v. Wade; and she will consider a variety of factors in her vote. "We have every confidence that, as members of the Senate come to know and appreciate Judge Brett Kavanaugh. that we'll see him confirmed".

He not only is a Constitutional Law expert, but Fitzpatrick also knows the thinking of a Supreme Court Justice. But she also said it is important to recognize the role played by a conservative Republican president. Republicans hold a 51-vote majority, and Sen. "And that's, I think, wrong".

"We do not have a NY state law that provides the protections of Roe v. Wade".

New York's junior senator called on the American public to lobby their senators, which she said could help to torpedo his nomination despite Republicans controlling the Senate. And particularly, they're pointing to a decision that Judge Kavanaugh wrote pretty recently that would not have allowed a young immigrant woman to access an abortion.

"He's so frightened of Cynthia Nixon that he's drinking the political Kool-Aid served by radicals and socialists who now control the Democratic Party", said Giove.

"Regardless of President Trump's ongoing efforts to undercut New Yorkers' hard-earned rights, this office's work will continue full speed", Underwood said in a statement.

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