Trump Attacks German-Russian Oil And Gas Deal Ahead of NATO Summit

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Luglio 12, 2018

Trump said the reality is "unfair" to American taxpayers. The station is part of NATO's anti-missile shield for Europe.

Trump repeatedly pressed Jens Stoltenberg, NATO's secretary general, on why the USA continued to pay money to the military alliance while countries continue to purchase energy from Moscow.

Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said the summit might produce a joint statement that would set out actions the two countries would take to maintain global stability and security. "In that we also defend the interests of the United States". So if you go back 10 or 20 years, you'll just add it all up. "Because of that we can say that we can make our independent policies and make independent decisions". "NATO is not like a club with annual membership fees". What I hope he'll say is 'having said all that, my goal is to make North Atlantic Treaty Organisation stronger.' And the only way it gets stronger is for us to up our game and for people to match the commitments they've made.

The comments will have made for uncomfortable viewing for the rest of Nato's 29 members, whose officials have voiced fears that Mr Trump could undermine the alliance during the gathering.

In a tweet today after a day of meetings, in which he lashed out at allies for insufficient defense spending, Trump calls on member nations to immediately boost spending.

The last U.S. -Russian talks on "strategic stability" - a catch-all term for issues related to nuclear arms control - occurred in September and a subsequent round slated for March was canceled, reflecting strains in the relationship. The project is opposed by the US and some European Union members.

The United States has asserted since 2014 that Russian Federation has violated the INF Treaty by developing the SSC-8 ground-launched cruise missile system. "That's not necessarily true for most of the European members of the alliance".

Trump went on to complain that the United States is expected to "defend them against Russian Federation", despite Germany making "billions of dollars" in energy payments to Moscow.

He said Canada should spend more on defence not merely to please Trump - who will just "take, take, take" - but also to serve our own national interests by increasing troop levels, replacing aging equipment, protecting Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic and taking part in humanitarian missions overseas.

"Appreciate your allies, after all, you don't have that many".

US President Donald Trump informally proposed members spend 4% of GDP up from 2%.

"Greece maybe spends more than us, but does Greece show up every time?"

"We are willing to increase our defence spending as agreed in Wales". "Now maybe there's a bit more urgency now because he's blunter than his predecessors in criticizing his European partners".

"Actions speak louder than words", NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters as the NATO summit got underway.

A source close to French President Emmanuel Macron said Trump had voiced his "personal attachment" to Europe and gave "rather positive and constructive messages" to his allies.

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