Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Will Not Run for President in 2020

Brunilde Fioravanti
Luglio 15, 2018

After building a brand as WWE superstar "The Rock", there was a short time more than a decade ago when the entertainer dropped the famous moniker and went by his birth name, Dwayne Johnson.

The moral of the story: Dwayne "Dewdrops" Johnson is a national treasure. "You can't be as big [in physique],'" Johnson tells Jamie Foxx on the upcoming episode of his digital series Off Script, created by Grey Goose, an exclusive clip of which you can see above.

And if one nickname is more fun, then five more nicknames are a LOT more fun.

Dwayne Johnson hopes to honor the amputee community by playing a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent with a prosthetic leg in the new action thriller "Skyscraper".

The thriller stars The Rock as a security guard for the (fictional) tallest building in the world, a swirling glass-and-steel monolith in Hong Kong.

You can check out the most unique turn of Dwayne Johnson's career in "Skyscraper" when the blockbuster is released on July 13.

And Dwayne is keen to work alongside Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber again.

While promoting his new film Skyscraper, the 46-year-old action star spoke about his political ambitions and why he would not run in the 2020 presidential race, despite his massive support. Will has since become a dedicated family man with two children and his wife, Sarah (Neve Campbell), who was his nurse the night he was brought to the hospital after the explosion. Of course. But like "Rampage" earlier this year, you're paying your hard-earned money to see The Rock do some insane stuff, and you won't be disappointed. Skyscraper, we had a great time, too. And "Skyscraper" is going to be the ultimate test of his popularity because there's no seasoned franchises ("Fast and the Furious") or IPs ("Rampage", "Jumanji") for him to stand on.

"I was wired, but I still did it", he tells news show Entertainment Tonight.

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