Cape Canaveral rocket towers brought down to earth

Rodiano Bonacci
Luglio 16, 2018

"Keep your fingers crossed that I won't mess this up", Monteith joked before initiating the charges just after 7 a.m.

The complex, and its towers, was originally built in 1956 for use with the PGM-17 Thor missile, the first operational ballistic missile the USA possessed, according to NASA.

Space launch complex 17 (long known as LC-17) was built in 1956 at a military air base Cape Canaveral. Gen. Wayne R. Monteith, Commander of the 45th Space Wing. "We are getting ready to leap into the future". "For many, this launch complex bridged the Space Age from the early days to the era of large boosters". The last time there was a launch from either one of the towers was almost seven years ago. The historic launch towers dismantled for the creation of a new complex to launch lunar missions.

Many gathered to watch the implosion of Launch Complex 17. Its first two attempts to launch Thor missiles in 1957 ended in failure, however, as did other attempts in the complexs 61-year history.

The Air Force is making way for the complex's new tenant, private company Moon Express.

Moon Express leases the adjacent space LC-18, where it will test its lunar lander prototype ahead of a launch to the moon.

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