Donald Trump: European Union is a foe on trade

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Luglio 16, 2018

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was in Moscow on Saturday to meet with Vladimir Putin, just days after the Russian leader hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

US President Donald Trump has boarded a plane from Scotland after his four-day visit to the UK.

Mr Trump and Mr Putin have met twice before, during global summits past year in Germany and Vietnam.

In recent months, he has also been highly critical of the European Union in trade terms, arguing that its policies make it hard for US exporters. "We're going into negotiations with them".

Trump and his aides have been working through the weekend to soften expectations for tangible results from the Russian Federation meeting.

And John Bolton, the president's national security adviser, played down any possibility of Trump personally demanding Putin to hand over the indicted individuals during their private summit - particularly because of the lack of an extradition treaty.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, owned by Trump ally Rupert Murdoch, Trump criticised May for adopting a soft Brexit blueprint and threatened the U.S. would not do a separate trade deal with Britain.

"We have asked, and the Russians have agreed, that it will be basically unstructured".

But the summit, and the extent of Trump's emphasis on election meddling, could highlight a divide between him and his own advisers, not to mention other Republicans, about the seriousness of Russia's activities.

When asked in a television interview, "What's your goal from the Putin meeting?"

Garrett Marquis, a spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said the release of the charges 'has no impact on Monday's meeting'. When asked about who he sees as the U.S.'s biggest foe, he said that the US has "a lot of foes".

Commemorative caps are displayed during a support demonstration ahead of meeting between the U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland July 15, 2018.

It also raised further questions about possible coordination between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, as the conspirators allegedly began a spear-phishing offensive against Clinton and members of her team the same day Trump publicly called on Russian Federation to find his opponent's missing emails - a comment members of Trump's team have dismissed as a joke.

The two are expected to cover a wide range of thorny issues that will likely include Syria, election meddling, Ukraine, Crimea, arms control, and sanctions. The indictment said the Russians adopted false online personas to push divisive messages, travelled to the United States to collect intelligence and staged political rallies while posing as Americans. A provision in Russia's constitution prohibits extraditing its citizens to foreign countries.

But new indictments from an investigation into alleged Russian interference in USA politics have dropped with embarrassing timing, focusing attention again on whether the Trump campaign may have benefited from Putin's covert help to win the White House.

The US has no extradition treaty with Moscow and can't compel Russian Federation to hand over citizens, and a provision in Russia's constitution prohibits extraditing its citizens to foreign countries.

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