Nintendo Reportedly Begins Rollout Of Patched Switch Consoles

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Luglio 16, 2018

SciresM, a Switch hardware hacker, reports that some retail units already come with Nvidia Tegra chips that are protected against Fusée Gelée based exploits. Noted game console hacker SciresM let loose the news via Twitter (seen below) and Discord, as spotted by a ResetEra forums user.

THAT UN-PATCHABLE FLAW in the Nintendo Switch? Before and since then, the homebrew (and, on a related note, piracy) scene exploded on the Switch console, thanks to the flaw.

These boot-ROM iPatches are relatively simple for Nintendo to implement in the factory when the system is manufactured, but they are impossible to load onto the tens of millions of Switch units that had already been sold before the exploit was made public.

While the hack can not be patched on existing hardware as we originally reported (with well over 15 million Tegra 210 powered Nintendo Switch consoles on the market and the release of custom firmware solutions presumably close, the homebrew scene is likely to thrive as well as piracy in all likelihood), Nintendo hasn't been sitting idle in its anti-piracy efforts.

The company has been trying to clamp down on this sort of behaviour by banning any accounts that have been found to run pirated content. So, know that, while it's not over yet, the days of homebrewing or hacking Nintendo Switch are numbered ... until someone inevitably finds another back door.

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