President Trump Slammed on Social Media for Walking Ahead of Queen Elizabeth

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Luglio 16, 2018

Donald Trump has described the Queen as an "incredible, sharp and beautiful" woman in an exclusive interview with ITV.

And when asked to rate the "Special Relationship, he said: "I give our relationship with the United Kingdom, in terms of a grade, the highest level of special".

Mr Trump also walked ahead and in front of the Queen while inspecting troops, forcing the monarch to awkwardly shuffle around him.

"She is so lovely, inside and out, she is a attractive woman". And the way she's conducted herself for so many years.

As reported by The Daily Express, Donald Trump was in for quite a surprise when he shook hands with Queen Elizabeth's Lady in Waiting during his Friday visit to Windsor Castle.

"I was walking up and I was saying [to First Lady Melania Trump]: 'Can you imagine my mother seeing this scene?"

"I'll see something where somebody says something wrong, or says something right, and rather than sitting around doing nothing, I'll be able to put out something", he told Morgan.

"The Queen is terrific".

In a tweet, the president said: "I have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf - my primary form of exercise!" You don't see, like, anything embarrassing.

During the interview he revealed what the Queen thought about Brexit, a topic not usually discussed by the monarch.

"Well, I can't talk, you know I've heard very strongly from a lot of people, you just don't talk about that conversation with the Queen, right?" he said. "We're going to get it".

Mr Trump later apologised to Mrs May for the furore, blaming it on "fake news" and promising instead to have a bilateral trade agreement with Britain after it leaves the European Union in March next year.

"This business of Prince Charles and Prince William not being there for the Trump visit was a snub", the source reportedly said, adding that they "simply refused" to attend.

"She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so lovely and when I say attractive, inside and out that's a handsome woman".

So many truth bombs dropped, and we're all here for it - the part about Trump's "orange, gelatinous body" got me.

Trump also said that he had apologized to the British prime minister for the interview. "Tomorrow I go to Helsinki for a Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin".

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