Cave diver considers suing Elon Musk for calling him a 'pedo'

Cornelia Mascio
Июля 17, 2018

He called Unsworth, a British caver who lives in Thailand, a "pedo" or pedophile in a now-deleted tweet. The rift between the two men started when Unsworth said the small submarine that Musk delivered to the cave site had no chance of working, calling it a "PR stunt".

Speaking to The Guardian, Unsworth suggested he is considering a lawsuit over the pedophile comments.

If you're already acquainted with Musk and his freakish entanglement with the Thai cave story, you may skip to the end of this report for a fuller accounting of his baseless pedophilia accusations.

The Silicon Valley engineer and billionaire was briefly seen in Thailand last week, hauling a miniature submarine to the mouth of the cave just before an worldwide dive team rescued the boys without it. Only people in sight were the Thai navy/army guys, who were great.

He can "stick his submarine where it hurts", Unsworth said during the interview in Thailand. Musk's critics have long said his bitter slugfests - with rivals, partners, analysts, journalists and employees, to name a few - have hamstrung Tesla on its vaunted mission to reshape the auto industry and change the world.

Asked by a Nine Network reporter if he was going to take legal action again Musk, Unsworth replied: "Yes, yes, it's not finished". "I will attempt to be better at this", Musk said.

Then, three days after the rescue operation was completed, CNN posted an interview with a British spelunker who had helped locate the boys. At the time, Unsworth hadn't yet read Musk's tweets but had been told about them.

Musk attacked a British diver who had dismissed his efforts to help the Thai rescue mission.

"The caver told AFP he would make a decision when he flies back to the United Kingdom this week, but said the episode with Musk 'ain't finished, '" the news agency reported.

Musk's tweets attacking the cave expert prompted condemnation from others who took part in the risky mission to extract the boys from the subterranean Tham Luang cave network through a narrow, water-filled passage.

In response to one tweet, the American businessman wrote: "Bet ya a signed dollar it's true".

The inflammatory (and yet unfounded) comments have since been deleted from Musk's feed.

"Yes", Unsworth said instantly.

Representatives for Musk did not respond to requests for comment about the incident.

Tesla shares are down 3.7% this year.

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