Roku TV Wireless Speakers effortlessly boost your Roku TV's audio game

Brunilde Fioravanti
Luglio 17, 2018

Again: Roku's goal is to provide tools to encourage customers to stream more video and audio than they do today. Today, Roku unveils a pair of wireless speakers for televisions that leverage its platform - the unimaginatively named "Roku TV Wireless Speakers". There are numerous audio solutions available for regular and smart TVs, but wading through the vast ocean of options can be tricky.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi to Roku TVs using the Roku Connect platform, seamlessly adding a new level of depth to the television watching experience.

The new Roku TV Wireless Speakers come in a set of two. They ship with a Roku TV Voice Remote, which controls both the Roku TV and the speakers, as well as the all-new Roku Touch™.

According to Roku, the programmable presets can be set to any voice command (like "Play jazz music on Amazon Music") and is meant to be used in rooms adjacent to the living room where you might've lost remotes in past.

Image Roku
Image Roku

Moving forward from October 16, the wireless speaker bundle will run $199.99, so it's definitely a good idea to order now if you already know you want these speakers. The speakers also support Bluetooth streaming from your mobile devices such as your smartphone.

Although the speaker system will work only with Roku TVs, the roster of those models is growing.

I got to listen to an early version setup of the speakers, and they certainly provided an impressive boost in sound quality versus a standard Roku TV by TCL. That's to be expected, though, since TV speakers aren't exactly known for offering the greatest audio quality. We haven't had the chance to hear Roku's new speakers in action, so we can not comment on quality yet, but the proper balance of audio quality and price will be key to the success of Roku's Wireless Speakers. Now you have to buy another Roku TV or your speakers are nearly worthless - I suppose they can still function for Bluetooth, though. Roku says it won't be available in retail stores like previous products have been in order to avoid any confusion about the products and services the speakers work with. From today until July 23, get the speakers from Roku for $149.99; if you miss that window, they'll be $179.99 between July 24 and October 15. As of October 16, they'll cost $199.99.

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