Samsung Announces 8Gb LPDDR5 DRAM

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Luglio 17, 2018

The prolific DRAM manufacturer is eager to begin mass production as soon as the LPDDR5 specification is formalized. Samsung mentioned that its new DRAM is aimed towards "5G and AI-powered mobile applications". The 16Gb GDDR6 DRAM has been in volume production since December 2017, and the 16Gb DDR5 DRAM was developed in February.

It has a data rate of up to 6,400 megabits per second, making it 1.5 times as fast as the current DRAM chips used in flagship phones and allowing it to transfer 51.2GB of data in a single second. Existing flagships like the Galaxy S9 feature LPDDR4X RAM chips with data rates of 4,266 Mb/s. This is 14 HD porn videos of 3.7 GB in size beamed to your smartphone in a second.

Samsung's new DRAM will be available in two bandwidths: 6,400Mb/s, at a 1.1 operating voltage, and 5,500Mb/s at 1.05V.

Samsung might be best known for its smartphones and consumer electronics but it might surprise you to know that its most steady and most profitable business as been from its silicon, particularly its memory and storage products. The performance advancement was made possible through several architectural enhancements.

While the announcement comes with the usual promises of "improved performance" and "reduced power consumption", there is some technical basis for those.

"By doubling the number of memory banks - subdivisions within a DRAM cell - from 8 to 16, the new memory can attain a much higher speed while reducing power consumption", said Samsung. Nearly all high-end phones, mobile devices, and even portable PCs these days use LPDDR4X or even just LPDDR4. Samsung notes that the deep sleep mode cuts the power usage to approximately half the "idle mode" of the current LPDDR4X DRAM.

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