'Sue The EU!' - Donald Trump's Brexit Advice To Theresa May Revealed

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Июля 17, 2018

In another indication of Trump's way of functioning and decision making, British Prime Minister Theresa May has revealed that US President Donald Trump has suggested her last week that she should sue the European Union instead of going into Brexit negotiations.

US President said on Friday at a joint press conference in London that he had given Mrs.

"He told me I should sue the European Union - not go into negotiations", May told the BBC, on being asked what that suggestion was.

"In terms of who ultimately holds the pen on the papers that go to Cabinet for collective decision, it has been the Cabinet Office's Europe Unit, and they have clearly been operating to a different ultimate goal to the one what we were operating to". "There comes an inflection point, the Chequers deal was an inflection point, we will have to see what happens", Bannon said.

May said that Trump, who had been in Britain for a visit, had noted that since she's already entered negotiations, she should not walk away.

"Don't walk away from negotiations, because then you'll be stuck".

"Even if no other type of agreements come out of it...just that handshake and that smile and that respect gives him (Putin) huge dividends, huge benefits for the many audiences that he plays to", Szakonyi said. Mr Trump claimed Mr Johnson would make a "great prime minister".

Trump declined to say what he believes her view is on that important question.

He denied he criticized May, saying the Sun tabloid did not print his complimentary remarks about the British leader, but the Sun released audio that proved otherwise.

"She's a very special person".

The National
UK PM May says Donald Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit

Earlier, activists floated a six-metre-high blimp outside parliament depicting the USA president as an orange, snarling nappy-wearing baby.

Trump made headlines for disobeying royal protocol when he met with the Queen on Friday for afternoon tea.

Prime Minister Theresa May has not had a good week - two Conservative Party members resigned and her Brexit-deal brokering was not going to plan.

Mr Trump said he did not see any Democrat who could beat him: "I don't see anybody".

Surrounded by Brexiteers, Mr Davis also said: "There may be 300 border crossings, but there are only six ports".

"We would make a tremendously big deal" with Britain, Trump said in the interview, published by the Daily Mail, apparently trying to smooth over a firestorm created ahead of his visit.

Mrs May urged Brexiteers in her own party to "keep their eye on the prize" of Brexit - and said her plan was the only workable way to deliver it.

Morgan: "I saw your menu for tonight, pretty healthy stuff. but 2020, are you going to run?" We now face continued harmonisation with the bloc's rules on goods.

"Perhaps we ought to have realised earlier on that a Remainer would stick with Remain".

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