Adidas to use only recycled plastic by 2024

Rodiano Bonacci
Luglio 18, 2018

The move, they believe, is not only the environmentally conscious thing to do but will make their products and brand more sustainable. The sportswear maker announced that it is committing to using only recycled plastic by 2024.

Adidas will ditch the use of virgin plastic in almost every aspect of operations such as in its warehouses, retail stores, and offices. Additionally, the company is expecting an uptick in its Parley shoes - shoes made out of plastic waste that's been saved from ending up in the ocean.

Adidas is the latest company that has pledged to reduce plastic use.

The Four Seasons, Hilton, and the Hyatt are also getting on board with the idea of using more environmentally-friendly products, pledging to ditch all plastic straws by the end of this year. The material is cheap and versatile, but governments and consumers are increasingly aware of its huge environmental costs.

Adidas готується до запровадження вагомих змін деталі- 24 Канал
Adidas Committed to Using Only Recycled Plastics by 2024

The shift to recycled polyester would see the sportswear brand target 5m in sales of recycled footwear this year and 11m in 2019 - but even this would account for just 3% of its annual footwear production.

Recent research found that there may be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish by 2048. @parleyxxx meets performance to create unique footwear and apparel made with Parley Ocean Plastic.

Despite worldwide plastic recycling efforts, less than 15 percent of all plastic is properly recycled. Starbucks and The Hilton have both also made moves in this direction, and Fortune reported that The Hyatt, Seaworld, and American Airlines are a sampling of companies who have also joined in on ditching plastic straws. "The reuse rate is awful compared to other materials", it notes, "58% of paper and up to 90% of iron and steel is recycled".

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