But removes the Tactical SMG

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Luglio 18, 2018

There's always a new update coming to Epic's excellent battle royale game, so here's what you need to know in the latest Fortnite patch notes.

The challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale ask players to do some incredible feats, be it killing players with certain weapons or in specific locations, though sometimes it asks them to do odd things, like find supply llamas. It's a quick fire, aggressive shooter that is "ideal for intense close-range battles" and should give the edge to players equipped with it. These llamas are exceptionally hard to find during a game of Fortnite, but find one and it will be worth your time. It's available in common, uncommon, and rare variants, does 19-21 base damage, uses light ammo, has a 30 round capacity, and can be found either on the ground or in chests.

The update also took the Tactical SMG gun into the vault - which doesn't mean it's gone forever, but it isn't useable in game at the moment. The Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle in Battle Royale will see a bit of a buff with its damage going up to 75/78 from 63/66. Save The World will be getting the Typewriter Assault Rifle, which will be added to the Weekly Store on July 18th.

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A mid-range assault weapon with a high capacity magazine and a lateral kick.

Make enemies think twice before they push you.

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