Cher Will Bless The World With An ABBA Cover Album

Brunilde Fioravanti
Июля 18, 2018

Meryll Streep attends the world premiere of Mamma Mia! "Here We Go Again", which is coming out this week.

For the sequel, Cher depicts the mother of Donna, played again by Meryl Streep, as she figures out how to act like a grandmother.

"Mamma Mia 2" premiered in London on Monday night and Sky News spoke to Cher about her role and how she got it. With so many projects, we wouldn't be surprised if that $305 million swells even larger in the near future.

B-roll footage from behind the scenes shows Streep embracing Seyfried, singing softly to her in a chapel-like setting. "I can not believe that, but that was my first film, and she helped me", Cher recalled to Entertainment Tonight.

Mamma Mia, which was a hugely successful stage musical first, made more than $600m (£453m) worldwide. Though the pair had made a decision to fulfill her mother's dream of opening a hotel on the gorgeous Greek island of Kalokairi together, Sky has been offered a high-powered job in NY and it's clear he prefers the isle of Manhattan over paradise.

The band said: "We all felt that, after some 35 years, it could be fun to join forces again and go into the recording studio". Cher went on to say that the songs won't be what fans expect, as she has covered them in a different way.

"Never in our wildest dreams did we think that these songs that we wrote would last for such a long time". "And it feels good".

When the film Mamma Mia! came out ten years ago, I was sniffy.

After Seyfried and Cooper's split, he dated actress Ruth Negga (Loving and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) for eight years, before they called it quits in April.

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