British PM wins key Brexit vote despite ongoing rebellion

Cornelia Mascio
Luglio 19, 2018

At a session of parliament, May stood firm after being challenged by one pro-Brexit lawmaker in her party to explain when she had chose to change her catchphrase from "Brexit means Brexit", to "Brexit means Remain".

Mrs May hit back at the claim, telling her critics she was trying to find a "workable" solution to issues with the EU.

Dr Lee, who has joined the ranks of Tory Remainer rebels since quitting the government last month in protest at Mrs May's Brexit strategy, described Monday's events as "the worst experience I've had in politics in eight years".

'If 48 such letters are sent a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister amongst Conservative MPs will take place.

Conservative backbencher Anna Soubry has said that Jacob Rees-Mogg is now "running our country" after Brexiteer MPs forced government concessions on a series of key Commons votes as Britain prepares to exit the European Union.

In his 12-minute statement, he said: "It is not too late to save Brexit. We have put forward a proposal for what the future relationship should be. and we are in negotiations on the basis of that". "We have changed tack once and we can change again", he said.

May has risked a leadership contest after the so-called Chequers deal for a post-Brexit Britain that would see the United Kingdom abiding by European Union rules in return for free trade. "We must try now because we will not get another chance to get it right".

In his first speech to the House of Commons since resigning last week, the leading eurosceptic repeated his criticism of Prime Minister Theresa May's plan for close economic ties.

"That is the prize that is still attainable".

But many Tory members and voters will feel that Mr Johnson spoke for them, and be deeply sceptical to her overtures.

Johnson warned against making "the fatal mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the public" by saying one thing to the European Union and pretending to do another thing to the public.

Mrs May was confronted by Leave-backing Tory Andrea Jenkyns at Prime Minister's Questions, with the Morley and Outwood MP questioning why the Government had backed away from its "Brexit means Brexit" approach.

A Conservative MP in the United Kingdom has turned on Theresa May, submitting a letter of no confidence, stating he has "lost trust" in the Prime Minister's ability to deliver the European Union referendum result.

Even political adversaries will admit Boris Johnsons ability to turn a phrase with rhetorical flourish.

"It is not too late to save Brexit".

The dispute has exposed the deep divisions in May's party and could yet lead to significant challenges to her authority.

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