Germany forces more than 1,000 Tesla owners to forgo electric auto bonus

Cornelia Mascio
Luglio 20, 2018

The Federal office for economy and export control of Germany (BAFA) has asked the buyers of Tesla Model S to return to a tax deduction in the amount of four thousand euros.

Owners of the Tesla Model S in Germany will have to return to the Federal budget by €4 thousand, because they are too expensive. Another 250 owners who purchased a Model S won't receive payment from the government, according to the report.

Engineering research and consulting firm Munro & Associates has recently revealed that it has completed its teardown and analysis of Tesla's Model 3 electric auto. Tesla said it plans to appeal the agency's decision.

The Tesla Model S was removed from the subsidy list on November 30 2017, after the office found Tesla was delivering higher-specification vehicles costing more than €60,000.

In the list of models that fall under the new law, was listed Tesla Model S and Model X.

In the wake of Tesla's ongoing EV-incentive issues with the German government, the BAFA has now stated on its website that its talks with Tesla "to achieve a solution that would indemnify the customers" have been unproductive.

Sales of electrified vehicles in Germany surged 64 percent during the first half of the year, leading the European Union's top five markets.

That's what Germany said Wednesday, alleging that 1,050 Tesla buyers weren't eligible for an incentive aimed at spurring electric vehicle sales.

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