Russian Federation 'open' to Vladimir Putin visiting Donald Trump at White House

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Luglio 20, 2018

"This is the beginning of the dialogue with Russian Federation and our administration and theirs and we're going to continue working through those things", she told reporters at the White House on Wednesday.

Despite the week's furore, Trump also said he was looking forward to his second meeting with the Russian leader. "Well, you're right, I don't know what happened at that meeting", Coats said in response to a question at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

In Moscow, Antonov said it is important to "deal with the results" of their first summit before jumping too fast into a new one.

When Coats pushed back at Trump's Monday statements siding with Putin on election interference, senior aides were fearful he might quit, according to the Post.

Trump sat down with CBS News anchor Jeff Glor and affirmed that he thinks Russian Federation meddled in the election.

He added: "My thoughts there were that I needed to correct the record".

Trump also told CBS he had spoken with Coats since the trip.

Media figures and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have lobbed criticism toward the U.S. president for holding a joint press conference with Putin in Helsinki, during which Trump expressed doubt over the claims of United States intelligence agencies that Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election.

'Okay.' Coats said, chuckling as he appeared to contemplate the prospects. "That's going to be special".

Coats once again criticized the president's statement in Helsinki as inconsistent with what multiple agencies have assessed.

Coats said he would have advised Trump not to meet Putin alone and hoped Trump would have "made a different statement".

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump's goal was to "redirect" two countries "that'd been on a bad path".

National Security Council spokesman Garrett Marquis said agreements between Russian Federation and the Ukrainian government for resolving the conflict in the Donbas region "do not include any option for referendum".

Exactly what Mr. Trump and Putin discussed, and what agreement or agreements they reached, has been the topic of much discussion and confusion.

"I don't know what happened in that meeting", he said.

"The president had said going into this that we wouldn't solve all the world's problems in one meeting, in one conversation with the Russian government but we think it's a pretty good place to start". The intelligence committee also suspected Russian agents were funneling money through the NRA, Schiff continued, leading members to suggest questioning Butina. Dan Sullivan said "I wouldn't do it, that's for damn sure".

At the same forum in Colorado, deputy Attorney-General Rod Rosenstein released a 156-page report detailing a strategy to combat future attempts by foreign governments to influence USA elections, including by revealing them to the public. "For us, the case is closed", he said.

'We need to keep our heads down we need to go forward with the wonderful technical capabilities that we have, ' Coats said.

Among other things, he indicated on the heels of their summit in Helsinki that he sympathized with Putin over the USA intelligence community on the issue of Russian election meddling.

"It is true that the National Defense Authorization Act as a law prohibits us from coordinating, synchronizing, collaborating with Russian forces so that does guide our activities", said Gen. Joseph Votel, who oversees USA military operations in the Middle East, including the anti-ISIS fight.

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