Study Shows That Eating Supper After 10pm Can Increase Risk of Cancer

Modesto Morganelli
Luglio 20, 2018

According to a study done by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in Spain, eating your last meal two hours before sleeping or before 9 pm can reduce the risk of prostate and breast cancer.

For the study, published in International Journal of Cancer, the team analysed data from 621 cases of prostate cancer and 1,205 cases of breast cancer, as well as 872 male and 1,321 female controls. They noted down each participant's lifestyle and chronotype - an individual attribute linked to a preference for morning or evening activity. The participants were given a questionnaire and on the basis of that, it was found that cancer patients were inclined to late night dining habits.

Eating dinner before 9pm also had a similar protective effect when compared with eating the evening meal after 10pm. Besides a healthy habit and proper digestion, eating dinner at the right time helps you prevent illnesses and even, fatal diseases.

Dr. Manolis Kogevinas, a research professor at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health in Spain and lead author of a new study on the topic said, "The mechanisms are not clear". The research also revealed that late-night snacking can impact their lifestyle and adjustment in their biological rhythm, which increases the risk of various diseases. Animal experimental evidence has shown that the timing of food intake has "profound implications for food metabolism and health". He also added, "The findings highlight the importance of assessing circadian rhythms in studies on diet and cancer".

"The impact could be especially important in cultures such as those of southern Europe, where people have supper late".

To find out whether the benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption differed among various types of breast cancers, the researchers conducted an analysis by tumor hormone receptor status and molecular subtype.

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