Waitress taking down butt-grabbing customer

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Luglio 20, 2018

Justice was delivered swiftly to a man who groped a waitress at a restaurant.

In footage confirmed by the department, a man walks behind the waitress as she works at an outdoor counter.

The restaurant's surveillance camera captured the incident, which showed an enraged Holden grabbing the man by the back of his collar and placing him in a manoeuvre that resembled Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's WWE finishing move, the Rock Bottom.

Cherwinski is a 31-year-old from Palm Beach, Florida, and was dining at the restaurant alongside his partner of 11 years, Erica Martin, and their two daughters.

Holden puts Cherwinski in a head lock, shoves him into a wall and then pushes him to the ground.

The video went viral when it was posted to Reddit a few days ago and received more than 50,000 "upvotes", which is similar to Facebook likes, by Thursday evening.

"His hand went further than it should have so I was thinking, 'There's no way a stranger just did that, '" she tells People.

After police saw the security footage the man was arrested.

They charged him with a misdemeanor count of sexual battery and he spent two nights in prison before being released on July 2 on $2,500 (£1,920) bail. "It's nice to know that I have empowered other women".

Holden said she had first thought it was a friend who was grabbing her as a joke, Inside Edition reported.

"I'm glad that other women can see this and know that you can stand up for yourself", Emelia Holden, 21, told People on Thursday.

"I just did what I felt was best, I took the guy down and had my co-workers call the police", the woman said in an interview with LADBible. "You also have the right to wear whatever you want without having to worry about being groped".

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