Burberry burns clothes, accessories worth £28m

Cornelia Mascio
Июля 21, 2018

There are calls for an overhaul of the fashion industry after the upmarket British fashion label Burberry says it burned unsold clothes, accessories and perfume worth over $50 million previous year to protect its brand.

They have to grow at the risk of "diluting their identity and creating excess stock", he said.

This industry wide practice has left not just shareholders, but also environmentalists rather irritated as TheTimes report revealed that the value of Burberry's waste has gone up by 50 percent in the last two years and is nearly six times greater than in 2013. Basically, brands like Burberry get rid of these unwanted items to prevent them from getting stolen or sold at a majorly discounted price.

Burberry reportedly destroyed about $37 million worth of goods over the previous year by burning them.

Burberry also admitted to the paper that its unwanted stock is burnt, but they stated that they work with special incinerators that are able to harness the energy from the process.

Only Temperley replied, saying its unsold clothes were either donated to charity or sold at a discount outlet.

British heritage brand Burberry, famous for its signature check, is under fire for burning its stock. Last year, an investigation found the Swedish high street fashion retailer H&M had incinerated 60 tons of clothes since 2013.

More cosmetics needed to be destroyed this year as Burberry's beauty line was acquired by Coty, Brown said.

The new mom shared a snap of herself cradling her baby daughter, Stormi, with the 5-month-old dressed in the designer threads.

Only selected limited edition pieces will be available for immediate purchase from Tisci's debut London Fashion Week show in September, with the full collection being released in February.

It is a common practice for the retail industry to destroy products to protect intellectual property and avert illegal counterfeiting by safeguarding the supply chain so that it remains unaffected.

'This is a core part of our responsibility strategy to 2022 and we have forged partnerships and committed support to innovative organisations to help reach this goal'.

The group has said it takes its environmental obligations seriously, and recently joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Make Fashion Circular initiative to prevent waste in the industry.

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