CON BUZZ: Trailers that promise to get your geek on!

Brunilde Fioravanti
Luglio 21, 2018

"This experience is unbelievable".

Attending Comic-Con is finally a reality for Soheil Behzad, an Iranian-American.

"It's cool to see them on, like live action on, like a silver screen or like on TV". Gonzales explained why comic book lovers like Comic-Con so much.

"It's always been, like, my life kind of dream to be here because I'm a huge movie buff, comic book, all of that stuff. It's the time to be alive, honestly".

Cosplayers pose on the street outside San Diego Comic-Con on 19 July, 2018 in San Diego, California. For those lucky enough to be in the city of San Diego, it means a real-life glimpse at the people behind their favourite TV shows, movies, comic books, and video games.

A digital subscription service for DC Comics superfans launching in the fall of 2018 has set its annual membership fee at $74.99.

"The people that come to Comic-Con are the people who buy a movie ticket on opening night, who tuned into that television station - buy their comic book or video game or whatever it happens to be", he said. The first convention was held in 1970 and had only 300 attendees.

He said it makes good business sense for publishers, toy manufacturers, television networks and movie studios to have a presence at Comic-Con.

The convention is where creators can measure the interest of fans from around the world and get thoughts about future products.

"I think the United States has always had a wonderful ability to promote film and various forms of art, and that has a global audience".

Comic-Con continues in San Diego through Sunday. The editor was George Grow.

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