Perseid meteor shower to offer a spectacular show this weekend

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 9, 2018

NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told that this year's shower should feature 60 to 70 meteors per hour at its peak.

The weather this weekend should be favorable for viewing and with a new moon phase Saturday to very thin crescent moon Sunday, producing a very dark sky, will help us see those streaking meteorites.

What Is the Perseid Meteor Shower? It's the biggest, best meteor shower of the year, and when it peaks, you should be able to see about 60 meteors streak across the sky every hour. As the Earth spins around the sun it passes through the trail of space dust and debris from the comet Swit-Tuttle.

"Meteor showers like the Perseids are caused by streams of meteoroids hitting Earth's atmosphere", NASA said on Tumblr. And the point in the sky from which the Perseids seem to come - also known as their radiant - is the constellation Perseus. Bear in mind that between 10pm and 11pm, the meteor shower can be seen by looking slightly more to the north, even though the direction of the meteor shower is still towards the northeast.

This year, it is possible to see more shooting stars than last year.

Meteors of the Perseid meteor shower in 2017.

During the peak, skywatchers should be able to see the most meteors in the shortest amount of time.

There's no need for special equipment or astronomical knowledge to enjoy the shower.

For the best viewing, get yourself to a dark area. It might take your eyes a little bit to adjust to the darkness, so be patient.

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