British comic Jack Whitehall faces backlash over Disney LGBTQ character casting

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 14, 2018

Disney's upcoming movie Jungle Cruise, which will also star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Emily Blunt, is set to feature the movie studio's first openly gay character.

The film is based on the Disneyland ride of the same name and now stars The Rock and Emily Blunt, with Whitehall joining to play Blunt's gay brother.

'But, more excitingly, he is playing a gay man - one who is hugely effete, very camp and very amusing.

Whitehall will play Blunt's brother, who according to a report by The Sun, is "a gay man - one who is hugely effete, very camp and very amusing". "Fail! This ship should sink".

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, it will be the biggest-paying role Whitehall has ever had, and Disney hopes to make an entire franchise out of the film along the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Whitehall said he was "honoured" to play the role, seen as a pivotal moment in Disney's history.

The casting choice has not gone down well with the LGBTQ community, however, which has raised concerns about stereotyping and the fact many gay actors struggle to find roles. "Wouldn't always casting gay actors in gay roles be condemned for typecasting?" Are there no gay actors in the U.K?

The news has led some people to ask why a gay actor wasn't cast for the role.

The controversy comes a few days after Australian actor Ruby Rose left Twitter amid backlash for "not being gay enough" to play out lesbian superhero Batwoman on the DC TV series Arrow. Others, meanwhile, are pushing back and arguing that it is an actor's job to portray people who they are not and to immerse themselves in experiences that are not their own.

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