It's Official, Sydney Is More Liveable Than Ever

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Agosto 14, 2018

Stephen Cooper said Melbourne's weather "kicks Vienna's arse", while professional opera singer Anna-Louise Cole said Vienna's public transport and cycling culture "puts Melbourne to shame".

VIENNA, the capital of Austria, has displaced Melbourne as the world's most liveable city, according to the latest survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

It is the first time a European city has topped the rankings of the Economist Intelligence Unit annual global survey. Vienna got a score of 99.1, and Melbourne sits at an absolutely paltry 98.4. Japan's Osaka took third place.

Australia and Canada dominated the top ten, each boasting three cities. Australia had Melbourne, Sydney (fifth) and Adelaide (10th) while Canada had Calgary (fourth), Vancouver (sixth) and Toronto (joint seventh).

The report found the cities that tended to score best were mid-sized cities in wealthier countries.

Australia and Canada, researchers said, have an overall average population density of 3.2 and four people per square kilometre respectively, compared to a global average of 58.

Credit PA
Credit PA

Copenhagen was the only other European city in the top ten at ninth place.

Researchers said wealthy financial capitals such as Paris (19th), London (48th) and NY (57th) tended to be "victims of their own success" with higher crime rates and overstretched infrastructure dampening their appeal.

The least liveable of the 140 cities assessed were Nigeria's Lagos, Bangladesh's Dhaka, with the Syrian city of Damascus at the bottom.

"Nevertheless, with such high scores already in place, the impact of these improvements has not been enough to significantly affect livability in any of the top-tier cities". Abidjan, Hanoi, Belgrade and Tehran saw the largest improvements in liveability over the last 5 years - more than 5-percentage points.

Puerto Rico's San Juan - which was devastated by a hurricane previous year - as well as Damascus and Caracas also saw steep drops over the same period.

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