No Election Speech by Modi at Red Fort

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Agosto 15, 2018

"We will put an Indian in space by 2022 or earlier", Modi said.

In his previous Independence Day speech, which lasted about 56 minutes, his shortest ever, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on his vision of New India - a corruption-free, violence-free India where people live in equality without caste and communal differences.

The conservative prime minister said that India would be only the fourth country - after Russian Federation, the United States and China - to launch its own manned space mission.

Ajey Lele, a senior fellow at the Delhi-based Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis (IDSA), said Modi's proposal was "extremely ambitious".

"India is now the land of reform, perform and transform".

"But it seems the Prime Minister preferred to go with old wine in new bottle", Saha said.

"This year, the Neelakurinji flower in Nilgiri hills is blooming in full colours", Modi said soon after saying that the nation was heading in positive direction.

The prime minister continued his tradition of wearing turbans at the Independence Day celebrations and sported a saffron turban this time.

Last year, the country launched a record 104 satellites in one blast-off.

Taking a dig at the previous governments, Prime Minister said that if his governmnet worked at the same pace as theirs it would have taken decades to make critical commodities, like electricity and toilets, available across villages of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday hailed India s growing role in the world economy, calling it a "sleeping elephant" that has woken up, in a keynote national speech before a looming election campaign. "Our idea is to develop everything within India", he added.

He said PM Modi's announcement was a big kickstart and as a whole the nation " s science and technology sector would benefit.

Modi said, India has become a ray of hope for people believing that global warming is a threat and a cause of environmental concern and that the country is heading worldwide solar alliance.

He said the Swachh Bharat Mission will enable lakhs of children in leading healthier lives.

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