World to experience EXTREME heat for next FOUR YEARS

Rodiano Bonacci
Agosto 16, 2018

But Gabi Hegerl, professor of climate system science at the University of Edinburgh, warned the global system is not now able to predict heatwaves like the one seen in the United Kingdom this summer.

The next four years will be "anomalously warm" as temperatures increase on top of the global warming trend, researchers have warned.

The new technique is known as Procast (Probabilistic forecast) and it takes the usually irrational and chaotic behaviour of Earth's weather systems and moves to simplify them in order to predict a pattern.

Research has predicted that the next four years will be hotter than expected because of a freaky phenomenon that has seen global warming slowing down in recent years.

The scientists, led by Dr Florian Sevellec, from the University of Brest in France, wrote in the journal Nature Communications: "For 2018-2022, the probabilistic forecast indicates a warmer than normal period, with respect to the forced trend (of global warming)".

The findings also suggest that oceans will warm more rapidly than the air above land, potentially increasing the risk of hurricanes, typhoons and other extreme weather.

Using a newly-developed forecast system which combines the methods of 10 climate models, scientists have predicted an increased chance of "intense to extreme" temperatures globally between 2018 and 2022.

Warm events affecting sea surface temperatures could increase the activity of tropical storms, said the scientists.

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