Avengers 4 Spoilers and Fan Theory Possible

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 18, 2018

With months left to speculate about the events of Avengers 4, and very little to go on, every new detail matters and theories abound.

Last year, press outlets went wild when Mark Ruffalo apparently spoiled the ending of Avengers: Infinity War and Don Cheadle teased him for it during an appearance on Good Morning America. In another set photo, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was back sporting his flowing locks, even though most recently he's had a much shorter 'do.

The answer, guttingly, was yes. Ant-Man And The Wasp was a fun time at the pictures, but it was somewhat beholden to the mortifying climax of Marvel's previous blockbuster, Infinity War.

Time-travel related fan theories have been circulating about Avengers 4 ever since leaked set photos featuring the core cast in past locations from the Marvel Universe appeared online.

In the end, the post-credits scene featured Hope, Hank and Janet trying out some Pym particle scooping tech, only for Thanos' snap to wipe them all out, leaving Scott stranded, alone and annoyed in the Quantum Realm, potentially forever.

So the obvious escape route might be that Ant-Man uses a Time Vortex to escape the Quantum Realm in The Avengers 4?

Based on the science that we've set up in the first movie and this one, I won't rule out the possibility, because, again, we are dealing with a time vortex.

But how does any of this involve time travel?

This trend is set to continue in Avengers 4 and the Russos have told Wired that the two characters will be even tougher when the time comes: "In Winter Soldier, what we found so compelling about pairing [Black Widow] up with Captain America was that he is a service paragon of morality and she is a paragon of gray", said Joe Russo.

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