And it appears to be Valve's Twitch competitor

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 20, 2018

The creators of Steam could be looking to expand their market by taking on Twitch.

Twitch has a almost unmatched monopoly over the video game streaming industry, with thousands of streamers and millions of viewers on the site at any one time. went live today, and we got an early look. Even the giant closest to Twitch, YouTube, has had its YouTube gaming service be little more than a footnote, and more of a way for streamers who can't make it on Twitch to be able to gain notoriety.

Today, Valve quietly debuted what appears to be a new video game streaming platform, which could be a direct competitor to Twitch, called Steam TV.

I also downloaded the latest Steam Beta Update on desktop to see if it unlocked any new functionality, but it doesn't seem to support videos - not only could I not watch The International from the desktop app, but when I started broadcasting a session of Into the Breach, and my buddy tried to watch me play via, it kicked him to the old Steam Broadcasting webpage instead. The only current way to watch The International is through Valve's already existing Steam Broadcasting system, although maybe The International wasn't the best choice for a launch to begin with; the tournament's first day had stream-related technical issues of its own. "What people saw was a test feed that was inadvertently made public", said the company.

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