Music Legend Aretha Franklin Dead At 76 (Week in Review)

Brunilde Fioravanti
Agosto 21, 2018

Franklin surrounded herself with the politics of the day and would for the rest of her career referenced her experiences during historic moments in speeches, interviews and her 1999 autobiography, "Aretha: From These Roots".

"She was just special and she always came home and she always gave back", Pullin said. As a leader in the new soul movement, Franklin gain credibility and Democratic groups and civil rights organizations sought her out for performances that eventually landed her in Washington or near political centers of power. Get backstage sneak peeks and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold.

She gave generously both in terms of finances and advice to U.S. civil rights activists, and led hometown tributes to Nelson Mandela. "I'm very natural." But she said she'd never expected it to become an anthem for women. As is customary, King didn't know that Franklin would be there to honor her. People everywhere are celebrating her life and her contributions to music and beyond.

"I love you Aretha, and that's a forever thing", he continued.

Lisa McCall, whose quarter-century career working with Franklin started at age 12 as a dancer and continued for many years as her main choreographer, said Franklin was loyal to her "camp", many of whom were from Detroit.

And Jackson recalled one time when Franklin personally stepped up to help King - with her voice. However, when I pressed as to what her sickness actually was, she said: "I'm not one to go into my personal health things".

"She was a rose that grew tall in a garden of weeds". But, after some practicing and giving it their all, he said the person who was playing the lead trumpet smiled, slapped him and his then roommate Snowden on the knees and said, "You guys are my team". Republican President George Bush, a Republican, awarded Franklin in 2005 the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award. The Obamas sang along until Franklin got up from the piano midway through her performance, dropped the fur and belted out notes during the height of the song.

"Few people in the history of our city have been as universally loved or left as indelible a mark as Aretha", Mayor Mike Duggan said in a statement.

When King was assassinated in 1968, Franklin sang at his funeral.

Asked later what the song meant to her, she told Vogue: "I can relate to it very easily".

To generations of women, especially black women, Franklin was an icon, an inspiration and a role model, who embodied not just the fight for racial but also gender equality.

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