Scott Morrison removes questionable Question Time rap video

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 14, 2018

Scott Morrison has deleted a video from his social media accounts after discovering the accompanying hip-hop song contained explicit and derogatory lyrics.

The video, which was posted to Morrison's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on Thursday evening, shows a bunch of Coalition MPs sticking their hands up in the air during Question Time, as the rapper shouts: "You got a hundred dollar bill, get your hands up!"

Curiosity surrounding the video turned to ridicule as social media users posted the full lyrics to the song, which includes the phrase "who fuckin' tonight?".

The prime minister tweeted an apology at 11.40pm, saying the "full lyrics" of the song were "just not okay".

You got a 100 dollar bill put your hands up.

The tweet appeared to be a lighthearted joke, with Mr Morrison's caption declaring Question Time was "on fire".

Some on Twitter found the humorous side of Mr Morrison's clip, while others took offence.

Some of the song's lyrics - but not those in the clip - contain sexual references.

In response to all of that, Morrison apologised, but said "we're just trying to connect honestly with people, and some of the narcs will get worked up about this sort of thing but it was a bit of fun".

MPs also started to weighed in as the original post went viral, with several Labor members using it as an opportunity to stick the knife in as the Libs deal with ongoing disasters following the leadership spill.

Victorian MP Tim Watts replied to the video with a GIF of Elmo on fire, while SA MP Chris Picton posted a video of a shipping container on fire - both referencing Mr Morrison's "on fire" caption.

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