Musk's Boring Company gets approval for garage connected to underground tunnel

Cornelia Mascio
Settembre 16, 2018

Countries and regions around the world have been granting digging and construction permits to companies like Hyperloop TT, Hyperloop One, and even Elon Musk's Boring Company.

Yes, a auto elevator that would take your vehicle from your garage on street level to a below-ground chamber that connects to the Boring Company's growing tunnel network.

A 2-mile test tunnel in Hawthorne, California (just south of the Los Angeles International Airport) is nearly complete, so this appears to be part of the next phase. Naturally, given the fact that the home the Boring Company has purchased is in an actual residential area, Hawthorne City Council's approval of the project came with a few stipulations. The Boring Company, or TBC, headed back to the Hawthorne City Council Tuesday and got full approval to build a garage-connector test shaft.

The idea would be that you'd not even need to drive to the end of your driveway to begin your commute: Your auto could be automatically dropped down and then carried along on an emissions-free, electric carrier to a bigger Boring Company tunnel. The test site will be for research and development, and not for public use. It's not entirely clear what happens to your personal vehicle in this scenario, but during testing the cars will travel underground and up the shaft to an enclosed garage. A vehicle would ride the same electric "skate" that can also be used to carry a passenger pod.

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