Pokémon's Game Freak Announces New 'Town' RPG

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Settembre 16, 2018

Fight against attacking monsters and restore peace to a small village in Town.

The game was revealed as part of last night's Nintendo Direct, with a short glimpse of gameplay.

But one of the most interesting and understated announcements of the event was Town, a new RPG coming from Pokemon developer Game Freak. At first glance, the visual aesthetic of Town feels reminiscent of other JRPG games, including the latest Pokemon titles from Game Freak. It's unclear whether or not this is a special ability you need to unlock, as Nez is also shown to have a standard selection of abilities including "Elude" and "Heavy Punch".

Game Freak already has a handful of titles away from Nintendo, continuing a relationship with Sega that began in 1992 with Magical Tarurūto-kun and more recently saw the developer create a 2015 side-scroller starring mascot Tembo the Badass Elephant. You can see the debut footage of the game above. It seems that you are the - or one of the - town protectors who is tasked with defending the village against whatever may come. We'll find out when it releases on the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. The game takes place entirely in the village and it'll be up to you to help the villagers take on various monsters.

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