Chevy Chase Takes Aim at SNL, With Plenty of Expletives

Brunilde Fioravanti
Сентября 20, 2018

Chevy Chase, a controversial star comic and one of the founding cast members of Saturday Night Live, attacked the current iteration of the NBC comedy show, calling it the "worst fucking humor in the world". "You know what I mean? It just drives me nuts", Chase told the newspaper.

"That means a whole generation of shitheads laughs at the worst f-- humor in the world", he continued. You know what I mean?

Chase, who introduced almost every episode in the first season with "Live from NY, it's Saturday Night", and was the original anchor for Weekend Update, left the show in the middle of season two in 1976. The first couple of seasons, he says, adding "Why am I saying that?" Because I was in it? It's a far more candid and negative assessment of the show than you'd expect from pretty much any other former cast member, but also exactly the kind of thing you'd expect Chase to say, if you believe the bad stories that have circulated about him for decades. But certainly I never had more fun. I really loved it and enjoyed it. "I didn't see the same fun thing happening to the cast the next year".

He said of the actress, who is now filming a pivotal role in the Wonder Woman sequel: 'She had clear-cut chops, and she was pretty, too. He dismisses Will Ferrell as "just not amusing", and while praising Eddie Murphy's impression of Stevie Wonder, can't help but add: "It's not that hard, for Christ's sake".

Kristen Wiig: "She had two things going for her".

"I liked Tina. I didn't see what all the folderol was about". The 74-year old comedian admits that it was one of the best times of his life and notes that he would come back and host in a "heartbeat". "It seems like some guys are out there just to be the guy who says, 'Live from NY, ' and then does it poorly". "Just not amusing." Tina Fey? Stevie Wonder, he did well.

Things change when Chevy Chase is asked about Dan Aykroyd, whom he calls the "funniest guy on the show, nearly the leader". "You just put on some sunglasses and do this". In a 2015 New Yorker article, Glover said that Chase had once told him, "People think you're funnier because you're black".

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