OnePlus is developing its own smart TV

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Settembre 20, 2018

Branching out from just phones and associated accessories is described as a "huge step", but Pei says that it is one that has been taken with "intense consideration and deliberation". The company has its own terms and conditions, which you can find out here.

In the announcement post, OnePlus founder Pete mentioned the OnePlus TV would have the same design, image quality, audio experience as found in the OnePlus flagship devices. Yes, OnePlus TV that will give uninterrupted connection on your flagship device. The cost of TVs has dropped in recent years - you can now get a 4K set for well under $1,000. The contest could Win you first OnePlus TV and a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones. OnePlus hasn't spoken about the launch date either.

While elaborating the concept of OnePlus television the company says, "The TV doesn't have to be a TV that plays films or TV shows or series". The operating system is going to be made by a big reputed firm and promises to deliver quick updates over a long period of time.

Still at the earliest stages of development, OnePlus is now seeking input from its fans, as it often does about what their priorities with a future smart TV will be.

According to Lau, nowadays people want the all-in-one type of deals.

The OnePlus TV will be a hub for that vision, where talking to the TV will become natural (in OnePlus's vision).

This new product will bring the functionality or a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and combine it with entertainment features that smart displays and smart speakers have, among others.

So what's a smart TV? Since OnePlus doesn't make LCD panels, it will purchase the panels from a third party. Perhaps smart notifications, upcoming event reminders, a reminder for important appointments and maybe be able to book rides with uber, etc. The CEO also said that 5G and Artificial Intelligence will drive how it evolves its strategy in the next five years.

To launch its first TV, one Plus has given the position of TV product manager to Stephen L. The firm is internally referring to the TV as OnePlus TV. This will allow you to do video calls right in front of your TV. It's probably a safe bet to say it won't be cheaper than the OnePlus 6 handset ($529 / £469), but it's hard to predict with so little information to go on. What's known for sure, however, is that OnePlus is already in talks with other companies that specialize in smart home devices.

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