300-metre long Spider-web covers beach in Western Greece

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 21, 2018

Arachnophobics, beware - a massive spider web in a small town in western Greece has blanketed almost a 1,000-foot expanse of the region's coast. However, the odd occurrence is not unusual for scientists.

In a video uploaded by Giannis Giannakopoulos on YouTube on Tuesday (Sept 18), a large stretch of land alongside the water is seen covered in spider web, with shrubs and short trees all falling within the cloak.

Humidity and the spread of mosquitoes, providing excessive nutrition to the eight-legged creature population, may also have contributed to the unusual cobwebs smothering the plateau and its flora.

Experts say it is a seasonal phenomenon, caused by Tetragnatha spiders, which can build large nests for mating. Even more, the vast silky cover made up by spiders is not going to last long.

"These spiders are not unsafe for humans, and will not cause any damage", molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki told Greek news websites.

"These spiders are not unsafe for humans and will not cause any damage to the area's flora", she told Greek outlet Newsit.

Sadly, the eight-legged architects will soon die off, leaving the web to degrade naturally. "They mate, they reproduce and provide a whole new generation". She has worked as a senior manager in public relations and communications for major telecommunication companies, and is the former Deputy Director for Media Relations with the Modern Coalition.

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