Spotify to Enable Artists to Upload Music Themselves

Brunilde Fioravanti
Settembre 21, 2018

Using the platform's new Spotify for Artists feature, the beta program plans to invite "a few hundred US -based independent artists" to test out the new tool over the coming months. Just because it's there doesn't mean that anyone will actually stream or download it, so while direct uploading might go a small way towards levelling the playing field for independent artists, it'll still be hard to compete with the marketing might of the major labels.

The handful of artists who have already been selected for the feature include Noname, the Chicago rapper who has won acclaim for her songs of African American women's struggles framed as telephone conversations, and Michael Brun, the Haitian-American DJ and producer known for his lively inter-cultural mixes.

Spotify previously required independent artists to distribute their catalog via third-parties like DistroKid or TuneCore in order to be uploaded on the streaming platform, however things are about to take a big turn.

"We've tried to make it as simple and transparent as possible", says Kene Anoliefo, the company's Senior Product Lead, Creator Marketplace. "There will be no limit or constraint on how often they can upload. We think that can open up a really interesting creative space for artists to begin sharing their music to their fans on Spotify".

Indeed, an artist would need to own the copyright for the all of songs they are uploading to the app. Metadata can be changed after going live and royalties are paid direct to bank accounts monthly. Is the music streaming service paving the way for the future of artist-created music content on streaming sites?

Artists will upload their music via the Spotify For Artists platform, which counted over 200,000 user at the end of June. Sound off in the comments section!

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