These photos show how much Hurricane Florence 'ravaged' the Carolinas

Paola Ditto
Settembre 21, 2018

When storms such as Harvey, which struck Texas last year, and Florence come to a virtual stall, a deluge of rain can fall in the matter of days, equal to what an area typically sees in a year, they said.

As of September 19, 27 were reported dead in North Carolina, more than 10,000 people remained in shelters, and more than 200,000 customers were without power across the state, according to state officials.

U.S. President Donald Trump toured New Bern, N.C. on Wednesday - a city of 30,000 that was hit particularly hard by Florence, a storm system whose storm surge raised river levels by up to three metres above normal and flooded the area from three directions.

He described the period that SC is in as "the calm before the storm" and noted that residents of the area about to have a "rough few days" followed by a period of recovery that could last a long time.

"God bless you", Trump said during a briefing in Havelock, North Carolina.

The crisis is slowly moving to SC, where there was enough warning and certainty about where the water was going that hundreds of people loaded furniture from their homes into trucks and flatbeds to take to higher ground.

To the president's right is North Carolina's Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper; to his left, Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen. The state will also work with congressional leaders on a federal disaster assistance request, Cooper's office said in a statement.

There are still unanswered questions surrounding the deaths of two mental health patients who drowned Tuesday in a prison transport van swept away by rising floodwater in SC.

"PLEASE DO NOT RETURN", the county said in a tweet.

Police say they died on Tuesday when a sheriff's van transporting them was caught in floodwaters. Authorities told media outlets that the deputies couldn't get the rear doors open, and the two patients drowned inside the van.

Cooper's office said Thursday evening that he would issue a proclamation calling the General Assembly into session October 9. "We take a lot of pride in what we do". "I question the wisdom of having a disposal method that is so vulnerable to the types of weather events that we have in this region, with potentially catastrophic effects".

More than 110,000 customers in North Carolina still did not have electricity by Thursday afternoon.

Of those, approximately 7,800 are in shelters in North Carolina. And some who went home have returned after finding out they don't have power, CNN affiliate WRAL reported.

News correspondent Gadi Schwartz captured a video of a fire ants forming colonies in North Carolina's flooded streets, sharing the video on Twitter.

State-owned utility Santee Cooper in SC is placing an inflatable dam around a coal ash pond near Conway, saying the extra 76cm should be enough to keep floodwaters out.

"We have it and we will supply it", he said. "The water is going to come back up".

Chris Ross has been staying at a shelter since he fled his Fayetteville home about a week ago when the National Guard pulled people out of his neighborhood.

While most people were able to evacuate, that wasn't the case with livestock.

President Trump, clearly, has an eye for luxury - even in the most unexpected circumstances.

"It's all gone", Cavenaugh told WRAL.

North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, who conducted an aerial survey of damage on Tuesday, said the flooding has affected the top six agricultural counties in the state.

Roads remain treacherous, he said, and some are still being closed for the first time as rivers swelled by torrential rains inland drain toward the Atlantic.

As floodwaters from former-Hurricane Florence's massive rains continue to flow through the Carolinas, the end of the storm's damage is nowhere in sight.

Farm groups also are concerned about cotton, sweet potatoes, peanuts and corn.

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