Cody Wilson, 3D-Printed Gun Pioneer, Arrested in Taiwan - Hit & Run

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Settembre 22, 2018

When his arrest warrant became public almost two weeks later, the Austin Police Department revealed that Wilson had skipped his return flight to the U.S. after they believe the man received a tip about the allegations.

Cody Wilson, the founder and director of Defense Distributed.

Police in Austin, Texas, had earlier reported that Wilson's last known location was Taipei.

According to Taiwanese authorities, Wilson arrived on the island on September 6 and attempted to rent an apartment in Taipei but was yet to move in.

The pair met in person at a coffee shop in South Austin before going to a hotel, where Wilson allegedly assaulted the teen and paid her $500 in cash.

Although there's no extradition treaty between the US and Taiwan, the American Institute of Taiwan moved to cancel Wilson's passport, meaning he'll no longer have a legal travel document, making deportation to the USA possible, according to the news report.

According to BuzzFeed News, Wilson had fled the US for Taiwan after the alleged victim's friend tipped him off to the police investigation into the incident, and had reportedly signed a six-month contract for an apartment one day prior to his arrest.

She said that he later identified himself as "Cody Wilson" and claimed to have been 'a big deal'.

Wilson sexually assaulted her and then "retrieved five $100.00 bills from a bag on the floor" and gave her the money, the alleged victim told police, according to the affidavit. The girl told investigators that Wilson paid her $500 after they had sex and then dropped her off at a Whataburger restaurant.

Police said they are aware that Wilson travels often for business, but that they do not know why he went to Taiwan.

ABC News' attempts to reach Wilson have been unsuccessful.

Wilson could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted, according to ABC Austin affiliate KVUE-TV.

In 2013, he successfully fired a bullet from the world's first 3D-printed handgun and posted its design online. The link was later terminated by law enforcement officials. They met in Austin on August 15 where Wilson brought her back to a hotel room.

Later that month, Wilson said he'd started selling the plans for producing plastic firearms using 3-D printers despite an injunction blocking it because of concerns about public safety.

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