Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star is put behind bars

Brunilde Fioravanti
Сентября 22, 2018

One way or another, President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame continues to be a battleground for political debate.

The artist behind the act is a British-born street artist who is popularly known as Plastic Jesus. PJ laid down the bars much to everyone's amusement before a wandering Trump supporter took matters into his own hands Wednesday.

Plastic Jesus fixed the bars down with instant-drying "industrial strength double-sided sticky tape", he told HuffPost. Plastic Jesus said the "protest art was meant to be humorous".

The stunt drew many tourists to take photos as well as being lauded online, even from celebrities like Star War-fame Mark Hammil.

The artist tweeted his final artwork on Wednesday writing: 'Today I put @realDonaldTrump behind bars'.

The piece was damaged because a "Trump supporter" had tried to remove it, but to no avail.

Austin Clay, 24, is accused of vandalism for the pickaxe stunt but has denied the charges - which carry a $10,000 fine and up to a three year jail sentence if convicted.

He was caught on camera raising the axe high above his head before thundering it to the floor.

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