Massive 1,000ft spider web appeared overnight in Greece

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 22, 2018

A beach in the Greek town of Aitoliko has been blanketed with spider webs stretching more than 300 yards.

Behind the phenomenon, Pergantis said, are the spiders' favorite snacks: gnats.

Those who happen to find themselves wondering along the shores of Aitoliko and western Greece this September are set to witness an eerie spectacle.

Resident Giannis Giannakopoulos shared images of a "huge veil" of spider webs on Facebook earlier this week, adding that the spiders seemed to be catching and eating a lot of mosquitoes. They are commonly called stretch spiders due to their elongated body form.

The region's high temperatures have formed ideal conditions for the spiders, who quickly transformed the shrubbery into a mating den to have their own "party".

The tiny spiders don't pose a danger to area humans or plants, Chatzaki told NewsIt, though their rising numbers may be linked to an increase in mosquito populations. The spiders will "party" and die out soon.

She said a similar phenomenon was recorded in 2003 and that all it takes is the flawless fall weather conditions for the spiders to thrive.

Tetragnatha spiders are not exclusive to Aitoliko, Greece. "They mate, they reproduce and provide a whole new generation". "It's the ecosystem's natural reactions and once the temperatures begin to drop and the gnat populations die out, the spider populations will decrease as well".

Speaking to Greek news websites, molecular biologist Maria Chatzaki said that the spiders are not risky to humans and she not be feared.

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