Nick Cannon wants to settle Kanye West row

Brunilde Fioravanti
Сентября 22, 2018

Drake, Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford weren't the only ones unhappy about Kanye West's rant, posted to Instagram in a series of four videos, on September 20.

Kanye hit back at Nick for talking about his wife and the rumours in a Instagram video on Thursday night, telling him "don't mention my wife" in interviews, and instructing him to decline to comment on anything Kim-related.

In the first video he shared, Cannon started with a joke: 'First off, let me say welcome back Kanye, from the Sunken Place'. If someone brings my wife up you say, 'Hey, I respect that man. I salute it. But you are not going to tell me what I can and what I cannot say... "She knows that she can not silence Kanye ever, but she told him that she doesn't want him going off about it anymore". I am a solid individual; Someone ask me a question, I'mma answer to the best of my ability. As for Tyson, Kanye gave the following warning after the model body-shamed Kim's Instagram picture: "A$3 s far as Tyson Beckford go, don't speak on my wife bro".

"But just saying to my man West that the 200th episode of Wild 'n Out is upon us. you're more than welcome. You know I've always had that", Cannon said.

"I guess this is the way we're communicating now in 2018, via social media". You know where that come from. First of all, I wanna address Nick Cannon. "I guess we don't use phones and stuff like that no more", he said.

Do you think Kanye will take him up on this offer?

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