Casualties in shooting at military parade in southwest Iran

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Сентября 23, 2018

At least 24 people were killed and more than 60 wounded yesterday when gunmen opened fire on a military parade in southwest Iran.

Revolutionary Guard members carry a wounded colleague after a shooting during their parade marking the 38th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran, in the southwestern city of Ahvaz. At least eight of the dead served in the Revolutionary Guard, an elite paramilitary unit that answers only to Iran's supreme leader, according to the semi-official Tasnim news agency.

"The number of martyrs of the terrorist incident reached 24, some of whom were women and children among the spectators", the official Islamic Republic News Agency (Irna) said, adding that the death toll could rise further as numerous wounded were in critical condition. Standing in front of the stand, one asked: "Where did they come from?"

"They are not from Daesh or other groups fighting (Iran's) Islamic system. but they are linked to America and (Israel's intelligence agency) Mossad". Iran has been deeply involved in the fight against IS in Iraq and has aided embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad in his country's long war.

Ahvaz is the capital of Iran's oil-rich Khuzestan Province, which has seen multiple attacks on oil pipelines by Arab separatists in the past.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said that the department for European affairs of the ministry summoned the three diplomats separately at the evening time on Saturday to declare Tehran's strong protest to the role their countries might have played to support elements who carried out the terror attacks in Ahvaz earlier in the day that led to the killing of some 25 people.

Qassemi said Iran expected the two European countries to extradite the "criminal perpetrators" of the terrorist act in Ahvaz. Israel is also a key USA ally opposed to Tehran. Rouhani said the US withdraw from the nuclear deal was an attempt to get Iran to give up its military arsenal. United Nations inspectors say Iran is still complying with the deal, which saw it limit its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

"And if the enemies and arrogant powers have an eye on the borders and land of Islamic Iran they will receive a pounding reply in the fraction of a second".

Civilians try to take shelter from the gunfire as militants attack the military parade.

"These terrorists. were trained and organised by two". At least 18 people were killed and more than 50 wounded.

In the last decade, mass-casualty militant attacks have been incredibly rare.

While the Iranian regime, to the detriment of the Iranian people, expends significant resources on foreign adventurism, including efforts to help Assad unify Syria under his dictatorial control, Tehran's dictatorial control over portions of Iran may be diminishing.

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