Sturgeon slams 'dreadful' statement by May on Brexit talks

Cornelia Mascio
Settembre 24, 2018

During a combative speech at Downing Street on Friday, Theresa May demanded "respect" from the European Union after her Brexit strategy was recently dismissed at an acrimonious summit in Salzburg.

"If the EU's view is that just by saying no to every proposal made by the United Kingdom, we will eventually capitulate and end up either with a Norway option or indeed staying in the European Union. then they've profoundly misjudged he British people", Jeremy Hunt told BBC radio.

What is the Irish border issue?

While a no-deal break would lead to "disruption" on both sides of the Channel - with an estimated 1 million jobs lost across the EU - Mr Hunt said he was confident Britain would flourish whatever the outcome of the negotiations. Instead of listening to the perfectly valid concerns of her European counterparts and seeking a compromise she dismisses out of hand their reservations and makes clear her anger at their refusal to simply comply with her wishes.

According to the Sunday Times, one senior Tory strategist said to another: "What are you doing in November - because I think we are going to need an election".

Mrs Sturgeon said a no deal or "no detail" Brexit was not acceptable following the Prime Minister's update. "A good relationship at the end of this process depends on it", she said.

Thus he commented on the image of the Prime Minister of nice Britain Theresa might and EU President Donald Tusk, that Tusk has revealed in his instagram.

May cited Britons' vote in 2016 to leave the EU.

It suggests Northern Ireland should stay aligned with the EU in key areas, in effect staying in the customs union and single market.

Turning to the other main topic of the Salzburg summit, increased protection of the EU's external borders, Juncker complained that individual member states were complaining about a plan to bolster the Frontex border agency.

She said: "As we seek to find a way through the current impasse, I hope such good faith and respect will be reciprocated".

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described May on the Brexit negotiations as "dreadful" as she branded the Chequers proposals a "dead duck". The EU didn't call for a referendum, David Cameron's administration did - so the idea that the EU is "effectively dividing our country in two", as May put it, is flawed.

"She said Brexit meant Brexit when she didn't know what it meant".

But May has rejected all suggestions of a re-modelled backstop (an agreement which she signed up to in December) and the EU has rejected her own proposal, warning that it would threaten the integrity of the European single market.

"We stand ready", she said. She will need to re-asses her Brexit policy and use this opportunity to shift position at party conference, healing divisions which opened in the Conservatives after Downing Street's botched handling of Chequers.

While the United Kingdom is keen to avoid such a scenario, Hunt told Radio 4: "Let's be clear, even in a situation where we aren't able to come to an agreement, we would be trading on World Trade Organisation terms and it would be bumpy, it would be hard, but we would find a way to survive and prosper as a country".

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