Microsoft Office 2019 released for Windows and Mac - Software

Cornelia Mascio
Сентября 25, 2018

Office 2019 represents the latest perpetual release of Microsoft's productivity suite for those who aren't yet ready to embrace the cloud with Office 365 ProPlus. And that's for good reason: As Spataro told me, Office 2019 doesn't offer any of the cloud-connected features that Office 365 subscribers would see using the exact same apps. "We recognize that some customers can't move to the cloud in the near term", it explained.

For anyone who uses Microsoft Teams at work - you can now blur the background of a video meeting (providing a useful, if somewhat shameful, way for the lazy among us to avoid cleaning our rooms), and record meetings with a searchable, timecoded transcript. In 2019, the functionality is coming to Office and Windows. If you want to have a continually-updated Office experience, you will have to transition to Office 365.

Microsoft hasn't revealed all the details about how licensing will work with this service but the company is targeting to release the product in preview by the end of 2018. There will be no additional feature updates provided once it reaches wide availability; customers can only expect to receive regular security updates.

Microsoft Search will unify search across Windows, Office, Edge and Bing. It's now available in,, the SharePoint mobile app, and the Outlook mobile app.

Office 2019 is different from Office 365 ProPlus, which is Microsoft's subscription-based service that gets monthly updates. Earlier this July, Microsoft released a free version of Teams, which would earlier be available with Office 365 subscription only. That circumstance, where files need to be stored offsite, could be a reason for some organizations to opt for using OneNote 2016 with Office 2019.

Windows Platform Support On the Windows side, Office 2019 is only supported on Windows 10. Go here for pricing.

So the big change with Office 2019, really, is that Microsoft is redefining what the version numbers mean.

Unfortunately, Office 2019 requires PC users to be running Windows 10, but it makes up for this with exclusive access to apps like Project, Visio, Access and Publisher.

Note: The Office apps for Mac users and its specific features may differ from those available for PC users. There will also be a simplified migration to Office 365Pro.

How much is Office 2019?

Commercial volume licence customers are able to access Office 2019 from today, and the software will roll out to all consumers over the next few weeks. This week Microsoft executives plan to highlight their company's approach toward cloud security as a competitive advantage, arguing it is uniquely positioned to handle the ever-expanding number of cybersecurity threats in our world.

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