'No-deal' Brexit would hit trucks, airlines and pet owners - govt papers

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 25, 2018

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer delivered his keynote speech on Brexit at the Labour Party conference on Tuesday and pleaded for Britain to have another Brexit referendum. The party's finance spokesman, John McDonnell, said any such vote should be on how - not whether - to leave the EU.

Overall, the government has published more than 65 such notices giving a glimpse of what a no-deal Brexit - the nightmare scenario for chief executives of most multinationals operating in Britain - would look like.

A spokeswoman for Aberdeen International Airport said: "We have always been clear that not having a deal in place and losing access to the Single Aviation Market could have a detrimental effect on Scotland's connectivity".

"Sometimes we refer to the group of United Kingdom and Irish as simply the UK-born to make the report more readable", the reports states.

The papers also state that British mineral waters would not be accepted for sale in the EU.

"Upon leaving the EU, UK exports would face the EU's prohibitively high WTO Most Favoured Nation tariffs, which would make many products uncompetitive and threaten the success of more than £13bn of our industry's annual exports", said Wright.

He called for an election to allow a Labour government to steer Britain's departure from the European Union, the biggest shift in the country's foreign and trade policy in decades.

"It's decision time and we need to nail our colours to the mast", Emily Wallace, chair of the Vauxhall Labour party, told AFP on the side-lines of the party conference in Liverpool.

Parliament is set to vote on the outcome of the talks, with Prime Minister Theresa May saying this will be a choice between her deal and leaving without a deal.

He added: "What are we supposed to do - keep quiet and say nothing and leave it to the incompetence of this government?"

"It is a betrayal not only of the millions of Labour voters, but of our 2017 manifesto", he said, referring to the party's campaign at last year's election in which it won more votes than expected.

The Labour leader cited deindustrialisation and anger at the loss of quality skilled jobs as factors behind the 2016 referendum result.

Ian Wright, chief executive of the Food and Drink Federation, said the "official confirmation of just how bad this scenario would be is bound to encourage businesses and shoppers to consider - now - stockpiling, buying ahead, hedging currency risk, procuring additional warehousing, relocating production to the European Union, and other practical measures to secure supply".

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