'No Deal' Better Than 'Canada-Style' Brexit Agreement, Says Theresa May

Cornelia Mascio
Сентября 26, 2018

Meanwhile, at Labour's party conference in Liverpool on Tuesday, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keith Starmer said "nobody is ruling out Remain as an option", adding Labour will vote against May's proposed deal in Parliament if it did not meet the party's six tests.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has so far played a canny game by allowing the debate to tie the government in knots while remaining ambiguous, but the time is nearing to reveal his hand. In the United Kingdom that means a vote by lawmakers.

She also condemned policies unveiled by the opposition Labour Party at its annual conference this week.

He repeated Labour's argument that if parliament rejects May's Chequers deal, named after the prime minister's country residence where she hashed out a plan with her ministers, the party would press for a general election.

Mr Corbyn also denied Labour was letting down Leave voters by not ruling out another European Union referendum - which could include an option to stay in the EU.

The wording on a possible second referendum is left vague.

It said this would not mean there is no supply of low-skilled migrant workers, stating that most of the existing stock would remain and there would likely be a continued flow through family migration or the existing youth mobility scheme.

NFU President Minette Batters said: "These technical notices confirm in black and white what we already knew: a no deal scenario would be catastrophic for British agriculture".

The party will debate and vote on a motion to remain in the bloc on the table if a General Election can not be triggered by Labour. But the motion passed was a compromise - leaving the option of a second referendum open, but not calling for it directly.

Theresa May arrives for a photo during the European Union leaders informal summit in Salzburg, Austria. But EU officials say that amounts to unacceptable "cherry-picking" of elements of membership in the bloc without accepting all of its costs and responsibilities.

"It would not be in the national interest to have an election", May told reporters on board her official plane en route to NY, where she will attend the United Nations General Assembly.

May has a working majority of just 13 in the 650-seat parliament and a former junior minister said this month as many as 80 of her own lawmakers were prepared to vote against a Brexit deal based on the Chequers plan.

"What I felt was that I think there's a plan on the table from us".

"They will have to recognise looking at their vote that what we are doing is delivering on the vote of the British people in the referendum".

Theresa May has claimed a Canada-style free trade agreement with the European Union is worse than no deal in comments which infuriated Brexit-backing Conservatives.

"Of course, to a significant extent, this also depends on what Britain really wants - the discussion isn't so clear here", she said.

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