Rich British retiree, Thai wife murdered in grisly killing in northern Thailand

Remigio Civitarese
Сентября 26, 2018

Three suspects have been held.

Officers had been searching for Alan Hogg, 64, and his 61-year-old wife Nott Suddaen since they were reported missing last Thursday.

Pol Col Amorn Kwangpaen, an investigator at Phra That Chor Hae police station, said that on Thursday investigators found a backhoe near a hole that had been dug and then filled in.

Her brother Warut Satchakit, 63, Phia Kamsai, 63, and 24-year-old Kittipong Kamwan were arrested in connection with their murders this morning.

'The brother-in-law had problems with money and there were family issues'.

Two suspects have been arrested and warrants issued for two other men including Varut Rattanasajjakit, Nhot's elder brother and the alleged mastermind accused of paying the killers. It was recovered almost 500 km away, near Bangkok.

The bodies were discovered near a duck pond on the 32-acre estate that featured a pool, summerhouse, a cattle ranch, and geese.

"We have found the bodies of the couple, they are buried by the canal", Thai Police Major General Sanpat Prabpudsa told The Telegraph. We are trying to track the auto because there is no trace of it.

'They have confessed to the murder.

Police said Satchakit admitted making the order over a family dispute after initially denying he was involved.

Praputsra added: "The villains used a hammer to murder his wife in the garage".

Edinburgh-born Hogg, a retired engineer, and his wife had been reported missing by friends last week, Sky News reports, after they failed to turn up to a pre-arranged meeting.

Blood stains - with signs someone had tried to wipe them away - were found in the swimming pool changing rooms.

Neighbours described his wife as "the most attractive woman in the town" and said that Alan was "very friendly" and often helped them. Three people were involved in the murders with the instructions that it was their duty to kill the targets.

"The motive for the killings was a long-running internal family conflict, feuds and property", Manas said.

Police said the vehicle was later picked on CCTV being driven in Sukhothai and Lampang provinces two days later.

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