NHS to roll out GP group appointments for up to 15 patients

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 9, 2018

Some patients taking part in group appointments said they benefited from receiving support from other patients, the head of the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) said.

Doctors admit the plans require "a leap of faith" but say trials have shown that sessions involving up to 15 people are good for patients, save money and spare Global Positioning System from having to repeat the same advice over and over.

Would you see the GP with up to 14 others?

Group consultations of up to 15 patients are likely to be made "the default" for the NHS in its ten-year plan to tackle waiting times, it was claimed last night.

The two-hour appointments will typically be led by admin staff or healthcare assistants.

What is the point of group appointments?

Where can I get a shared GP appointment?

It has been available at medical centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle and Berkshire as part of the trials.

The group appointments option is not presently available.

Following "positive feedback" from patients involved in the trial it will be available across the country in the near future.

'It is essential that any patient data is treated securely, confidentially and responsibly - and if patients consent to it being used, that they are completely clear what it may be used for, ' Chairman of the RCGP Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard said.

She continued: 'Some patients have even said they have benefited from the support they receive from their fellow patients, in addition to the care they receive from their GP.

Will you have to accept group appointments?

'It could also be reassuring to patients to see others share their concerns and challenges, and can provide the benefit of peer support, ' Chief Executive Rachel Power said.

The new model of appointments is intended as an alternative to one-to-one GP appointments, and not to replace them.

However Prof Stokes-Lampard said that this approach "will not work for everyone", and Global Positioning System will know what best suits their patients and practices.

"But patients must be given the choice as to whether to participate, or to continue with more traditional GP services".

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