Freshly minted Justice Kavanaugh gets to work at US Supreme Court

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 10, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford's bombshell interview with The Washington Post and her emotional testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee threatened to upend the nomination after she accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in high school. Kavanaugh, in contrast, is expected to be a more decidedly conservative vote, tilting the court right for decades and leaving Roberts as the justice closest to the ideological middle.

His ascent to the court was sealed by a 50-48 Senate vote last Saturday. What happened to Kavanaugh was "very, very unfair", the president lamented.

Minutes earlier, Trump alluded to the fierce Democratic Party opposition to the federal circuit court judge he had nominated to the bench who was accused of sexual misconduct in his youth.

"On behalf of our nation, I want to apologise to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the awful pain and suffering you have been forced to endure", he said at the ceremony in the ornate White House East Room.

Kavanaugh took the oath in a more hurried procedure on Saturday, but the White House version will be a chance for the Trump administration to celebrate publicly. "You, sir, under historic scrutiny, were proven innocent".

United States President Donald Trump said on Monday that he was apologising on behalf of the whole country to his new conservative Supreme Court justice after one of the most contentious confirmation processes in U.S. history. It was a disgraceful situation brought about by people who were evil. As Hasen also suggests, that majority could be more likely to strike down nonpartisan map-drawing commissions, a tool for countering gerrymandering of congressional districts that Kennedy had voted to uphold (and which Kavanaugh might not). He had already hired four law clerks, all women.

The event was the third swearing-in ceremony for the nominee after a historically contentious confirmation battle following several allegations against the judge.

Former president Barack Obama's two Supreme Court appointees, Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, did not participate in oath ceremonies at the White House.

The justices on Tuesday left in place an August 2017 ruling the new Supreme Court justice wrote that struck down an Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency rule.

The other eight justices also were at the White House Monday.

The high court is hearing two hours of arguments Tuesday beginning at 10 a.m.

When Trump ran for the presidency in 2016, he vowed to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court, disclosing a list of possible candidates. The president's rendering of a verdict on the sexual assault allegations risks further antagonising political opponents at a moment that the "Me Too" movement demands accountability for sexual misconduct.

But after being sworn in, Kavanaugh struck a markedly more conciliatory tone.

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