Google unveils new Pixel smartphone at 10 media events around the world

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Ottobre 10, 2018

But Google says it's not so much about the hardware - it's what the Pixel 3 can do. The Pixel cameras were already wonderful, but Google promises improved low-light performance, smart digital zoom, and photo corrections that can help you get the flawless shot even if you pressed the shutter at the wrong time. You can download your favorite apps and games and actually use them with the Slate's touchscreen, which makes for a much better experience than most everything else on the market.

The zoom is now aided by a Super Res Zoom feature, which uses computation photography from the world of astronomy and scientific imaging to provide sharper details when you're zooming.

The Pixel 3 lets you take natural-looking photos in dark surroundings, all without a flash. You'll learn about the Group Selfie Cam, Call Screen, Top Shot and more.

In case you want to gift a device or want to pick up one for yourself, remember that pre-orders for both the smartphones begin from October 11, with sales starting from November 1. Utilising Google's imaging AI, Night Sight automatically colours and balances a photo to what it should look like. In celebration of Marvel Studios' 10 Year Anniversary, you'll enjoy seeing the characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (exclusively on Pixel) react to each other and to you. But the one you can get right now is quite expensive, coming in at $199. Come back to Google Photos later and search for the beach photos you took on your Pixel 3, and they'll pop right up.

A new feature, called "Top Shot" shoots a bunch of pictures in burst mode and then uses an algorithm to select the best one.

Google unveiled its latest Pixel smartphone, touting tons of intelligent features. To scan and translate text, find similar styles of clothing, or identify popular plants and animals, you can now long press in the Pixel 3 camera to easily invoke Lens.

This includes a new smart video speaker, the Home Hub, that will compete with Amazon's own Echo Show device and the Facebook Portal home camera, which was revealed on Monday.

In terms of power, it appears the Pixel Slate is outgunned, at least in terms of the base model. Believe it or not, it can make calls for you, too.

One word comes to mind when I think of the Pixel's camera: Reliable. Just tap on "Screen call" to find out who's calling and why, as well as other information (as prompted by you).

Google is touting the Pixel Slate as a productivity machine, which is a claim a lot of 2-in-1s make.

The Pixel Slate starts at $599 for an Intel Celeron Processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage. For example, by saying "Hey Google, good morning", the Home Hub could give you a full preview of the next 24 hours, informing you of upcoming meetings, events, and traffic delays. "You already have a screen", Ross says. Titan M enhances mobile security behind the scenes by protecting your unlock credentials, disk encryption, app data, and the integrity of the operating system code itself. However, both the phones are rated now at IP68 versus the IP67 of the Pixel 2.

The Pixel Slate does seem to be positioned as an addition to, but not a replacement for, the Pixelbook. But if youre going to buy a Pixel 3 or 3 XL, you might want to just grab the Pixel Stand instead – thats Googles official wireless charger.

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